On the evening of the 2019 Critics Choice Awards, pregnant comedian Amy Schumer did a bit of reflecting. The 37-year-old mama-to-be has been dealing with a pretty rough pregnancy recently, so naturally, her mind is constantly consumed by thoughts surrounding her upcoming miracle. So, on January 13, Amy took to social media to give some of her more recent musings on the Critics Choice Awards, her pregnancy, and how they both make her think of her 2015 film, Trainwreck

“Critics Choice throwback,” Amy captioned the photo of her accepting an award. “I won Best Actress in a Comedy for Trainwreck and it felt really good. It would be fun to write that character going through what I’m going through now.”

If you saw the film, you might remember Amy’s character being, well, an absolute trainwreck. To revisit her character’s life and story and put it in the context of where Amy is currently in her own would be not only hilarious, but an incredible sequel idea. After all, the best stories are about growth.

Fans and followers flocked to the comments section to show their support for Amy’s idea and one of them, in particular, had us more stoked than ever for the potential follow-up.

“Well, let’s get to it then! #Trainwreck2,” LA Lakers player Lebron James commented, to which Amy replied, “Sending call times.” Lebron was absolutely brilliant as the sidekick to actor Bill Hader‘s male lead in the original film, so we’d kill to see him reprise his role.

amy schumer trainwreck 2

Amy announced back in late November that she would be canceling scheduled stand-up gigs from her tour while she dealt with a severe pregnancy condition called Hyperemesis — a complication that is characterized by severe nausea — which has had Amy hospitalized and throwing up in the back of tour buses. It makes sense that the new mama would want to take it easy before once again using her personal life as vehicle to make the world laugh.