First he went to Los Angeles, and now he’s going to Hollywood! Just months after announcing he’s joining the LA Lakers, LeBron James announced that he’s starring in a long-rumored sequel to the beloved 2D-meets-3D film Space Jam! He revealed the exciting news on Instagram on Sept. 19, with a photo that also announced who will be directing and producing Space Jam 2.

LeBron posted a telling photo on his Instagram with the caption, “??? #JustAKidFromAkron ? X #ToonSquad ?,” and tagged Spring Hill Entertainment, the production house for Space Jam. The photo shows four NBA lockers, labelled “B. Bunny, 1, Point Guard,” “L. James, 23, Small Forward,” “T. Nance, 20, Director,” and “R. Coogler, 21, Producer.” Terence Nance has directed many short films and TV series Random Acts of Flyness, and of course Ryan Coogler produced Black Panther to much praise. 

Other details in the photo show scribbled drawings of Tweety and Marvin the Martian, plus “Daffy Was Here.” There is also a carrot, basketball, Nike gear, and a shirt and shorts with the “TuneSquad” logo on them. In a separate Instagram Story, Bron posted a drawing of Bugs Bunny holding a bottle that said “LeBron’s Secret Stuff” on it. To say fans were hype would be an understatement. 

“Yo man, I know you grew up loving this movie. I have faith you will do it great. Thanks for making it and bringing back something we can enjoy with our kids,” said one enthusiastic fan. Another wrote, “I just dropped my beer and my jaw ?!” Meanwhile several simply said, “no way!!”

The announcement for the film comes 22 years after the original came out in 1996, and we’ll likely have to wait another two years or so to actually see it. LeBron reportedly won’t be filming until the NBA offseason next summer, so it’s still a ways away. 


So far, we don’t know who else will star in the film, but the original had cameos from tons of stars, like Charles Barkley, Bill Murray, Larry Bird, Larry Johnson, Shawn Bradley and more, so we can probably expect to see plenty of other NBA players and announcers on the big screen. Hopefully many of the original voices of the animated characters will also return.

This isn’t Bron’s first foray into acting. He also appeared in SpongeBob SquarePants, Trainwreck, Teen Titans Go!, and the upcoming children’s film Smallfoot. He will also serve as an executive producer on the project, and has done so on several other series and documentaries. We can’t wait!