Imani Ayan and Ray Gantt faced many obstacles during their time on Love Island Games after they were paired together on day one. Although Imani was a hot commodity for the bombshells who shook up the villa, she always found her way back to Ray. The couple made their relationship official before their brutal elimination, but are they still together?

When Did Imani Ayan and Ray Gantt Get Eliminated on ‘Love Island Games’?

The Love Island USA alums faced a few obstacles during their time on the spinoff series – and not just during the group competitions.

Imani was stolen by Johnny ​Middlebrooks during the first week in the Fiji-based villa after Ray fell short in the muscle-filled Duel challenge. However, the pair reunited during the season’s first recoupling ceremony. The rest of the couples had their eyes on Imani and Ray after they dominated the “Madix Mountain” challenge, proving their dominance within the group.

That being said, the duo experienced deja vu when Love Island UK’s Mike Boateng snagged Imani when he joined the cast. Although Imani had no say in Mike’s decision, the recoupling made Ray feel a certain way.

“I guess I was a little frustrated with the whole thing because for him to choose you, like you had to give him some type of vibe and energy,” Ray told Imani after Mike took her in the recoupling.

Are Imani and Ray Still Together After ‘Love Island Games’?

The awkward tension didn’t last long after Mike and Imani were officially back together after yet another recoupling ceremony. However, their future in the villa was nearing the end after they were blindsided by Jack Fowler and Justine Ndiba and sent home after competing in the carnival games challenge.

Are ‘Love Island Games’ Couple Imani Ayan and Ray Gantt Still Together?

After Ray and Imani recoupled for the final time, he wanted to make their relationship official and asked the model to be his girlfriend.

“I wanna go into the real world with you. I feel like every test that was thrown at us here – we conquered it and on the outside world we can do the same” Ray told Imani before popping the big question. “I wanted to like ask you to be my girlfriend. I wanna take it there. What do you think about that?”

Imani admitted that she was “not expecting” Ray to progress their relationship, but said yes anyway.

Their communication skills were still a work in progress when Imani did not follow their game plan during the carnival games shortly after defining their relationship.

Neither Imani nor Ray have addressed the status of their relationship after their exit from the villa. However, the pair do not follow each other on Instagram and do not have photos of one another on their social media pages.