There’s still some (cover up) work to be done. Singer Ariana Grande isn’t done removing all traces of her ex-fiancé, Pete Davidson, from her body, and that means she got yet another one of their shared tattoos covered up. The 25-year-old took to social media to share a photo of the new artwork, and let’s just say, she took the definition of the phrase “cover up” a bit loosely — but it seems like that was also her intention.

“Post run thru, 3 a.m. with @girlknewyork 🙂 not a cover up just evolvin’,” she captioned a photo showing off the new tattoo on her rib cage: the outline of leaves, inside which you can see the Harry Potter-inspired “Always” tattoo she shared with her former beau.

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

“Also, our show opens tomorrow,” she revealed in the second part of her caption. “I love u [sic] and I’m so grateful. See u [sic] soon.”

Ari’s regular tattoo artist, Mira Mariah a.k.a. @girlknewyork, also posted the flirty pic of her newest work for her singer pal. “Middle of the night leaves on the queen. I love you, thank you, this is all! So! Exciting! Happy tour 🌟💕💎,” she wrote.

During Ari and Pete’s whirlwind romance and engagement, the couple went under the tattoo needle several different times together or in the name of each other. The duo shared silly ink like “H2GKMO,” which is an acronym for one of Ari’s favorite phrases, but they also had sweeter and more meaningful matching art. They both had the French phrase “Mille Tendresse” tattooed on the backs of their necks (from Breakfast at Tiffany’s) and the singer matched Pete’s tribute tat for his late dad.

But since the split, both parties have been going under the (tattoo) gun for cover ups. Pete got his Dangerous Woman mask tattoo behind his ear turned into a dark black heart — while Ari coincidentally had an eerily similar cover up done with the delicate script “pete” written on her ring finger.

Considering the “Always” tat was both a nod to her former fiancé and a nod to her love of the magical series, maybe Ari didn’t want this tat to completely disappear. After all, “always” is a really long time, but in that time, there’s room to “evolve.”