Model, podcast host, and… relationship expert? During a recent interview with Elle magazine, Ashley Graham got candid about what it takes to make any good marriage work. The brunette beauty, 31, used her own courtship with film director Justin Ervin to share her risqué insights with the world. 

“Just have sex,” she told the publication. “Have sex all the time. Even if you don’t feel like it, just have sex.” To be fair, sex is a lot more fun than counseling. Oh, and it’s free. So yeah, this makes sense. “I have found that if we haven’t had sex, we get snippy, and then if we are having sex, we’re all over each other,” Ashley continued. “For us it’s like, ‘Oh, let’s have sex.’ And then we’re just right back in a great mood.”

Ashley Graham sitting with husband Justin Ervin at the 2018 US open
Jean Catuffe/GC Images/Getty Images

Seeing as Ashley and her hubby, 30, got married back in 2010, it’s clear that their, er, method is working. Don’t get it twisted, though. The pair’s connection is hardly skin deep. In fact, they didn’t do the deed until they got walked down the aisle. Yes, you read that correctly.

“Something that it did for us was build up our friendship, and it also built up our trust and communication,” Ashley explained of the couple’s commitment to waiting until marriage. “Of course, we were sexually attracted to each other — we would make out heavily. All those things were there. I wasn’t worried about, ‘What’s sex gonna be like with him?’ It was more, ‘Do I trust him? Is he someone I want to be with for the rest of my life?’”

Ashley Graham and her husband Justin Ervin walking in NYC
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Now we know what you may be thinking, “With all that sex going on… where are the kids?!” Well, Ashley and her man aren’t necessarily about that family life, not yet, anyway. “For me, being a wife and being a woman, happiness doesn’t equate to having kids,” Ashley admitted. “Kids will come when they come. Happiness right now, is building with my husband and building my business.” 

Preach, girl! Enjoy your happy, healthy, and sex-filled marriage. You and Justin are an inspiration to all the boring, “let’s just watch a movie tonight,” couples out there.