From on… to off… to back on again?! Bella Hadid and The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) ended up at the same party in Cannes on May 10, and they looked pretty damn happy to see each other. So happy, in fact, that they shared a sexy kiss right there in the middle of the party! Does this mean they’re finally back together?

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The Weeknd and Bella Hadid, May 10.

First the former couple was spotted greeting each other at the party, and Abel even whispered something in Bella’s ear that made her blush a little bit. The hug and double kiss was definitely more sensual than the one he gave to the other girl Bella was with. We were definitely suspicious, and then we saw photos of the pair full on making out when they got a moment alone together!

This reunion is honestly a long time coming. They didn’t end on the best note in 2016, when The Weeknd shocked fans by jumping into a relationship with Selena Gomez just weeks after breaking off his two-year romance with Bella. There was clearly tension; remember that moment on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show catwalk? But then Selena broke up with Abel and reunited with Justin Bieber, and Life & Style learned exclusively that Abel has been dying to get back with Bella.

“Bella is getting nonstop text messages and calls” from The Weeknd, the source explained in late 2017. At the time, Bella “wasn’t having it,” but it looks like at some point along the way, he managed to earn back her trust. They were also spotted hanging out together at Coachella, and even getting a little cozy. We’re not sure if the couple is officially back together, but making out in the middle of a party definitely seems like a good sign.