Way to set the record straight! Brie Bella clapped back at rumors that Nikki Bella and John Cena faked their split for publicity. The WWE star said it was insulting that fans actually thought Nikki and John would pull a stunt like that, while defending her twin sister's controversial romance in a new interview.

“My sister and I are the type of women that when you sign up for a reality show, you have to give the good, the bad, the ugly, the happy, everything! We’ve always stayed true to that,” Brie told Metro UK on June 24. “It’s been really hard for her to relive — especially when people call all the drama fake. It’s like, ‘Nope, this is real life!'” Nikki and John announced their breakup in April, weeks before they were set to walk down the aisle. After realizing what he lost, John later revealed that he would reverse his vasectomy to give Nikki the family she always dreamed of. However, fans weren't convinced they ever split up in the first place.

“On a daily basis, every day I have to bite my tongue," Brie explained. "I so badly would love to go on a Twitter rant or an Instagram Story rant and just tell people, ‘Listen, I’m the sister and I see everything, and you’re wrong, you’re wrong, you’re wrong!’ When I see my sister and John get all this hate because they’re seen out for breakfast, and people say, ‘Oh, it’s fake,’ it’s like, ‘No, it’s not!’ They were together for six years, they can meet for breakfast and talk! It’s crazy that there’s all these rumors.”

Nikki also talked about their upcoming nuptials on last week's episode of Total Bellas, revealing that she has a lot of catching up to do since they want to keep their original wedding date. Brie shared Nikki's excitement about getting back together with John and the mother-of-one even told Nikki to "get pregnant with me." We'll have to see if that happens!