Talk about baby fever! Brie Bella wants to get pregnant at the same time as her twin sister Nikki Bella. After John Cena revealed that he's willing to get his vasectomy reversed, Nikki can't stop thinking about having her first child in a sneak peek of Sunday's new episode of E!'s Total Bellas.

"Can you believe he's going to give me a baby?" Nikki excitedly asked her sister while they chatted in the kitchen. Brie, who is already the proud mother of baby Birdie with WWE star Daniel Bryan, then suggests: "Get pregnant with me, on my second! Oh my gosh. Could you imagine if we were pregnant at the same time?" Nikki seems to give the idea some consideration as she gushes, "I just can't believe I get to be a mom — and with the man of my dreams. I don’t have to go find some guy to have a baby with."

Even though Nikki and John are only just friends now, Nikki announces on the episode that her wedding to John is back on and she can't wait to start planning their romantic nuptials. "Since we want to keep our same date, I am very behind," she confesses. "I feel like I have ideas in my head, but I think the only thing I actually have locked in right now is a place and an amazing wedding planning team." Nikki's mom then walks in the room and tearfully admits that she's so proud of John and her for working through their issues.

Nikki and John's relationship has really been tested, as the power couple split in April of this year, shortly before they were about to tie the knot. On last week's episode, John said that he was willing to have surgery to give Nikki the family she's dreamed of. "I will make that sacrifice for you. I will give you a child,” he said. Nikki was over the moon about his compromise and even broke down in tears while telling him he'll be "the most amazing dad in the world." That's love for you!

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