Keeping Up With the Kardashians was recently renewed for four additional seasons, but there’s one person who definitely won’t be watching — Bruce Jenner‘s son, Burt Jenner.

Unlike Bruce’s other kids, Burt (who comes from the Olympian’s first marriage with Chrystie Crownover) has stayed as far away from the limelight as possible. In fact, despite being related to one of the richest families in America, the 36-year-old admitted he has been homeless — twice!

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“I slept in my Bronco. I lived out of my Bronco a couple of times,” he said during a radio interview with ‘Dirty Radio Live.’ “Not many people know this.”

burt jenner bruce

Bruce and Burt.

Burt also revealed that after his parents split in 1981, he rarely saw his famous father — especially when Kris Jenner entered the picture in 1991.

“My dad took me to the go-cart tracks when I was 8-years-old. He got married to Kris, and then that was kind of it,” he said.

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But Burt seems more than content with being disconnected from the Kardashian klan. Just a few months ago, he took a slight jab at his distant relatives by sharing a picture of a shirt with photos of Kim’s epic crying face and captioned it, “My new favorite shirt…”

burt jenner

“The Kardashian world is not one that I come from,” he said.

Check out his entire interview below: