When we saw model Myla Dalbesio as one of the faces of Calvin Klein's ad campaign for their "Perfectly Fit" underwear line, we immediately thought, 'How refreshing it is to see someone who's not a size 00.'

But then we heard she was specifically included for her "plus-size" physique — which is a size 10. Not surprisingly, there's been outcry over the distinction, considering the average U.S. female is a size 10.

myla dalbesio

(Photo credit: Calvin Klein)

It should be noted, the company never outright referred to Myla as "plus-size," but a spokesperson did say the line caters to "the needs of different women" and is intended to be "more inclusive" — an 'about-darn-time' move considering the majority of their clientele is much closer to a Myla than, say, a Kate Moss.

For her part, Myla stands behind the brand, telling Elle magazine, "[Calvin Klein] released me in this campaign with everyone else; there's no distinction. It's not a separate section for plus-size girls."

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This latest controversy comes on the heels of Victoria's Secret recent campaign, which featured a group of super-thin models with the tagline "Perfect Body." After serious backlash, the retailer changed the slogan to read, "A Body For Every Body."

As for Myla, she's come a long way since her early modeling days. After she reportedly overcame a period of Adderall abuse and crash dieting, the gorgeous Wisconsin native has now fully embraced her natural size.

Now there's an individual to look up to.