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Throwback Celebrity Beauty Trends That Are Seriously Embarrassing in 2017

Here's the unfortunate thing about beauty trends, they can change pretty quickly. Worse, they can look pretty f–king ridiculous in hindsight. Even more unfortunately for celebrities, when they participate in what turns out to be bad beauty trends, their looks are captured on camera for… well, pretty much ever. Whether it's a streaky dye job that was totally on trend back in the '00s, a blue eyeshadow craze that swept the red carpets in the early '90s, or just way too much blush throughout the eras, stars, unfortunately, bear the brunt of our discarded beauty looks for years to come.

And some of them are repeat offenders. Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, and Gwen Stefani were superstars in the early 2000s — but being a big star then meant rocking some truly heinous looks. Honestly, we really don't understand how we thought they all looked good at the time. And it kind of makes us a little terrified to think about the trends that we're rocking now. In 10 years, are we going to look back and laugh at our messy top knots? Or our contour kits? Will Kylie Jenner's lip kits still be the ultimate in lip color? Or will the entire Kardashian beauty empire fall?

As long as we don't buy into squiggle brows, we're probably safe, right? Or are our thick, natural, defined brows — the antithesis of the overly-plucked, pencil thin brows of yesteryear — going to seem bushy and unruly and way, way too big? It's kind of a nightmare to imagine. So, uh, let's not. Instead of worrying about what trends we engage in now that will look ridiculous in 10 or 15 years, let's just laugh at the old ones instead. And, for now, we can at least pretend that the inevitability of cringe-worthy fashion and beauty isn't in our future.

Check out the gallery to see some of the most God-awful trends we used to love — and the unfortunate celebs who have the honor of modeling them forever and ever.