What happened to Christian Bale? That’s what fans are wondering after the Batman star made an appearance at the 2017 Telluride Film Festival in Colorado on Sunday, Sept. 3, revealing a significant amount of weight gain. The actor is no stranger to making physical transformations for his movie roles, and this time is no exception.

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The 43-year-old was promoting his new film Hostiles at the festival but he looked unrecognizable with all the extra weight. He also shaved his beard and bleached his normally dark eyebrows to a light blonde in order to look more like his upcoming character, Dick Cheney, who is a former vice president of the United States.

Back in April, Deadline revealed that Christian was onboard to play the vice president in an upcoming biopic about his life. The film will start filming this month and will feature some of the biggest moments in his life — from dodging military service in the Vietnam War, working as the CEO of Halliburton, and his road to becoming what many have called the most powerful vice president in history.

Christian is no stranger to weight loss and weight gain transformations for his movie roles. In 2004, he lost 62 pounds to play a character who suffered from insomnia and psychological problems in The Machinist, then he regained his weight and added muscle to his physique for the Batman franchise. He got extremely skinny again for his role in 2010’s The Fighter and he gained about 40 pounds for his role in 2013’s American Hustle.

But now that Christian is in his 40s, he knows that his physical transformations are taking a toll on his body and losing the weight he gained from American Hustle was no easy feat. “I said, two months, flat, that’ll do it. I was 185 and I went up to 228 for it. And I’m still working that off!” he told USA Today in 2013. “It’s almost six months later. Now I know that when I was in my early 20s it would have been two months and that’s it.”