The spotlight has been on Christie Brinkley for the majority of her life, which is why looking her best is important. In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, the model, 65, got candid about how she stays fit and healthy.

Christie, who recently hosted BELLA New York’s Influencer Issue Cover Launch at Bagatelle NYC, and also graced the cover, said life is about finding happiness in the smallest of things. “I feel healthy,” she began. “The people I love are happy and healthy today and it’s just counting your blessings and always being aware of how lucky you are. Then it’s like why not be happy!”

Christie Brinkley
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Summer is approaching and the Sports Illustrated alum has one crucial diet tip she swears by to maintain her weight, while not restricting herself. “Zero sugar prosecco, Bellissima!” she said, referring to her line of 100 percent organic Prosecco.

“Seriously though, a lot of people underestimate how the sugar in liquids are often the ones that are causing you not to lose the weight,” she continued. “You don’t want to not indulge, you want to have a little bit of a party feeling, so you have the zero sugar, without the carbs, without the guilt! It really is a good tip, I’m not just saying that because it’s mine and my company, but it really is a good tip.”


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In the past, the Vegas Vacation actress expressed how important it is to not only look great, but to feel that way too. In an interview with Us Weekly, she revealed that now, at age 65, she feels more confident than ever. “Around 50, you start letting yourself off the hook, and you have a real awareness of priorities and what really matters. Others’ opinions just don’t have power over you anymore,” she told the outlet. “The only opinions that really matter to you are those of the people you love.” Very true!

Reporting by Katie Bruno.