She has the voice of an angel, but fans couldn’t help but focus on Christina Aguilera’s lips during her tribute to the late Whitney Houston at the 2017 American Music Awards on Sunday, Nov. 19. The pop star, 35 — and her seemingly fuller lips — took center stage to belt a medley of hits from Whitney’s iconic film, The Bodyguard, in honor of its 25th anniversary. Despite the “Beautiful” singer’s powerhouse vocals, social media had more to say about her nearly unrecognizable face.

“OMG POOR XTINA! Girl what did you do to your face??” one fan asked, while another wrote, “Agh! Christina Aguilera’s lips at the #AMAs! She definitely didn’t need any of that.” Another Christina enthusiast suggested that they believe the blonde beauty is ruining her naturally stunning looks: “Christina is the last person on the planet who needs plastic surgery. I wish she’d calm down with all the fillers and injections.”

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(Credit: Giphy)

Still, some fans were incredibly supportive of Christina — and clapped back at her critics. “You guys need to stop talking about Christina’s looks. That’s so superficial!!” one angry fan wrote, while another noted how disappointing it is that no one paid as much attention to her talent. “Christina didn’t get to where she is by her looks. She got here because of her voice! Stop bashing her!”

Of course, this isn’t the first time the Grammy winner has shocked fans with her physical appearance. Just days ago, Christina posted (and then quickly deleted) an Instagram photo where her pout appeared more plump than ever. And, again, fans were pretty savage in their reactions to the Voice alum’s wild new look. Check it out in the video below.

“What the actual f–k did #ChristinaAguilera do to her face?!! She looks [like] a blow up doll of Lindsay Lohan!” wrote one bewildered Twitter user. “Wow Christina Aguilera looks different,” said another. Others agreed, saying, “She looks like Kesha, OMG” and “Here’s hoping Christina Aguilera’s new album is as big a creative departure as her new face is!”