After Hannah Brown walked away from The Bachelorette without a man, fans are wondering if the blonde beauty would be open to putting herself back out there again. On Monday, September 9, the 24-year-old answered some ~burning~ questions via Instagram.

One person asked, “Do you want to get back to dating?” The starlet got candid, writing, “Not my top priority, but you never know when the right guy will come along. I’m focused on myself right now! I don’t need a man, but it’s a desire of my heart to live life with someone by my side. One day.”

She added, “I mean, I am not opposed to [dating], but I just went through a really crazy experience, and I think I need to reflect on that and figure out how I can be better for the next. But when the time is right, sure.”

Hannah Brown Doing a Live Q&A
Courtesy of Hannah Brown/Instagram

A second follower wanted to know if she regretted going on the ABC hit show. “No. Sometimes I question why things happened in the way things happened, but there is so much good that came out of the experience,” she explained. “It just wasn’t in the way I thought it was going to be. That’s OK, that’s life.”

Meanwhile, the Alabama native is gearing up for her next endeavor — dancing! However, it doesn’t look like Hannah will be trying to find love on national television right now. “I have not thought about that at all,” she exclusively told Life & Style during the DWTS cast reveal at Planet Hollywood on August 21. “I’m truly just focused on continuing to love myself and see the places where I still need to work on that — and I think this is the way where I can do that.”

After her broken engagement to Jed Wyatt, viewers are excited to see the former beauty queen kick ass on TV. One person wrote, “Forgot how much I miss seeing @hannahbrown on my TV until I saw her in the DWTS commercial,” while a second user added, “I don’t watch DWTS, but I stan @hannahbrown, so it looks like I’m watching.” A third person chimed in, writing, “I love you, Hannah B! I’ll definitely watch you on DWTS!! Get that mirror ball!!”

Hannah Brown Wearing a Red Top With a Skirt at a Football Game
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Solid advice. Dance your heart out, girl!