Valentine’s Day can be rough when you’re single. The good news? When haters start bugging you about how come you don’t have a date, you can throw it back in their face with these sassy slogan T-shirts inspired by celebs like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Katy Perry. Trust us, you’re going to want them all!

MUST SEE: Hilarious Anti-Valentine’s Day Gifts to Get for Your Single Friends

1. “Ain’t No Wifey” Tank Top | $9.99

cara delevingne aint no wifey tank

Cara Delevingne showed off this sassy Dimepiece tank backstage at a Jason Wu show, but you can score a similar one for less.


2. “Like a Virgin” Tee | $8.99

kardashian like a virgin tee

Sure it’s a popular Madonna song, but like Kourtney Kardashian, self-deprecation can be surprisingly stylish.


3. “Don’t Worry, Be Sexy” Tank | $9.99 – $14.99

kendall jenner don't worry sexy tee

Take it from Kendall Jenner. Instead of worrying about relationships, just focus on your sexy self.


4. “Yes Way, Rosé” Sweatshirt | $22.95

drew barrymore rose

This Valentine’s Day, nothing matters when you have your favorite bottle of rosé on hand. Take it from, Drew Barrymore. She has her priorities straight.


5. “#Know Your Worth” Tank Top | $11.99

michelle keegan know worth tank

You’re not going to settle for some loser. You know you’re more valuable than that, and so does Michelle Keegan when she stepped out in this cute tank.


6. “Happy” Cropped Shirt | $12.99

katy perry happy shirt

There’s no better way to prove to friends and family that you’re fine (really!) than this cute cropped shirt worn by Katy Perry. The Wildfox original is out of stock, but this Etsy version is just as cute.


7. “Do Your Own Thing” Tank Top | $19.99

kristin cavallari do your own thing

This tank top worn by Kristin Cavallari reminds us how sometimes it’s best to just be on your own, free from the constraints of a relationship.


8. “Ditched the Boyfriend, Kept the T-Shirt” | $12.53

danielle lloyd ditched the boyfriend shirt

Danielle Lloyd wore this snarky T-shirt after breaking up with her ex, and you can rock a similar one too from Forever 21.


9. “It’s Awful, I Hate It” Shirt | $34.99

kristin stewart awful hate it shirt

Sometimes your hatred for Valentine’s Day needs to just come straight out, and this shirt, worn by Kristen Stewart, is anything but subtle. You can customize your own version via Zazzle.


10. “Majestic AF” Shirt | $16.99

rihanna majestic af shirt

Because at the end of the day, if they can’t appreciate your magic, then why bother with them? Rihanna totally understands.


All images by Getty Images, Instagram and Amazon.