Turns out, bringing your dance partner home to meet the family is equally as nerve-wracking as introducing them to a significant other. Well, at least that was the case for Hannah BrownThe Dancing With the Stars powerhouse, 25, admitted she had some reservations about taking Alan Bersten to Alabama. “I was kind of nervous!” Hannah told Life & Style exclusively at the DWTS Top 6 Finalist Party at Dominique Ansel. 

“Not because of Alan or my family, but there’s always that pressure of, ‘Oh my God, am I gonna have to stay by Alan?” she continued. Thankfully, that was hardly the case! Hannah’s loved ones were 100 percent team Alan! “I just think they love Alan because he’s been a part of this journey with me that they haven’t been a part of,” The Bachelorette alum added. “They’ve been loving and supporting from afar. So, they were just hamming it up and chatting with him!” 

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten

In fact, the meet and greet went so well that Alan, 25, made a new friend named “Crazy Donna.” At first, he thought she was one of Hannah’s aunts but in actuality, she was her former babysitter’s mom. As it happens, “Crazy Donna” wasn’t the only non-family member in attendance. “I had my first grade teacher there. I had my godmother there I had my — we call him Uncle A–hole — he’s not even my uncle!” Hannah recalled. 

Unsurprisingly, Alan definitely enjoyed himself. “If I have learned anything, it’s that in the South, everyone was so close and so supportive of each other,” he gushed. “It was amazing.” Seeing as Hannah never brought home any dates on The Bachelorette, we’re happy to hear that her first experience with Alan exceeded expectations.

“I got lucky. I tried the white BBQ sauce,” Alan chimed in. So sweet!

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