Dogs are often referred to as a “man’s best friend.” This description of our furry friends is true in so many ways. Dogs can provide a comforting presence, support and companionship. Their devotion and loyalty are genuine and heartwarming. A dog’s presence can bring a smile to anyone’s face: It’s pretty difficult to not cheer up when you are greeted by one. 

Unfortunately, many dogs are abandoned with no home to turn to and no one to take care of them. When no one is there to care for these dogs, many shelters euthanize the animals due to overpopulation. This is where the Labelle Foundation comes in. The Labelle Foundation is a foster-based, non-profit dog rescue in Los Angeles, California, which specializes in mom and babies, orphan puppies and medical dogs. Their goal is to rescue the animals on the first of a shelter’s euthanasia list. This will give the rescues their best opportunity for living long, happy lives. 

The holiday season is the perfect time to support the Labelle Foundation and its mission. We have some success stories to prove how fostering or adopting a dog can change your life, just how it has for these dog daddies. 

Ben adopted Wonky through the Labelle Foundation almost three weeks ago, which has been “the best three weeks of [his] life.” They go on walks through the Venice Canals and boardwalks, often photobombing tourists too. Ben also says that Wonky is a great conversation starter, which is a great benefit of being a single dog dad. 

Ben is so grateful for the Labelle Foundation. “They made the adoption process such a pleasure. It’s inspiring to see how much they truly care about each and every animal that comes through their program,” Ben said. “The world needs more organizations like the Labelle Foundation.” 


As a foster-based rescue, the trauma of sheltering dogs is avoided. By living in foster homes, these dogs are given their best chance of future success with their future forever families. Socializing the dogs, bringing awareness of any medical issues encountered to the Labelle Foundation and having input on what kind of home they would best fit in are all part of the fostering process. Fostering is an important component for the Labelle Foundation to be able to continue its mission of rescuing dogs and providing the smoothest transition into their FURever home. 

The foster parents through the Labelle Foundation are relied on to raise these puppies as their dog mama would have. Labelle fosters provide 24-hour care, feeding them and training them to go potty in the early weeks of their lives.

Vinnie is a prime example of a foster success story. AJ fostered Vinnie when she was skittish, scared and broken from a previous abusive situation. At first, she was afraid to be around people and refused to be pet. But, after a few days, Vinnie began to open up and become more comfortable. AJ fell in love with Vinnie and adopted her a few months later. 

“She has become the most snuggly pup, and loves to sleep right by our side,” AJ said. “Vinnie has shown me how transformative a life can go from stress to unconditional love once they are in a place of comfort.”


Benny was hesitant to get a dog, due to the responsibility that comes with it. But, when he saw a photo of Belvedere, his “heart began to flutter.”

“I saw this lil guy with ocean blue eyes and a funny, little tail, and that was that, my family grew by one,” Benny said. 

Although a huge responsibility, Benny doesn’t regret his decision for one second. “He without a doubt has expanded my capacity to love,” he said. 


Not only do these dogs come with love and affection, but they also act as great wingmen.

Joseph is loving the single-dog dad life. Scar goes on runs, hikes, to the gym, and other activities that Joseph loves to do. The first trick Joseph taught Scar was to lick the outside of a beer can.

“My entire Hinge profile is pictures of him, so yeah he’s been an excellent wingman,” Joseph said.


There are 125 dogs and puppies in Labelle foster homes this holiday season. The Labelle Foundation cannot thank these volunteers enough for their assistance in helping to save lives and are always in need of more foster families. If you are staying local to LA this holiday season, please open your home to a pup in need to give them (and you) their best holiday yet!

If you are unable to open your home to foster, there are still ways to help! While many are preparing for the holidays, the Labelle doggies are patiently waiting for their furever homes. Please consider donating to the Labelle Foundation to provide comfort for these pups in their temporary lodging. They are always in need of pee pads, blankets, kibble (both puppy and adult), crates (especially large), pens and more. The Amazon wishlist and donation page can be found on