#TBT6 Moments of James Franco at the Oscars That Still Make Us Cringe!

Remember when James Franco hosted the Oscars?

Unfortunately, we do too. The Academy Award nominee and fellow actress Anne Hathaway were chosen to host the 2011 awards show — and it was dubbed a trainwreck from start to finish.

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Anne, who later called the experience the most embarrassing moment in her life, had to pick up a lot of slack when it came to her hosting partner's enthusiasm, or lack thereof.

"When Anne Hathaway decided to host the Oscars with me…She had said no before, and then they asked me to ask her, and I said, 'Let's just do it. It'll be an adventure,' and then we got a lot of s–t for it," James told New York. "I probably got more than she did, but she got a lot."

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He continued, "I think one of the things that happens in film and television and performance-based things is that people will criticize the performers because they're the face of the piece. We didn't write the script. In other cases, someone like Steve Martin or Chris Rock will probably have a bigger hand in the writing of the thing, but Anne and I did not."

However, James does not regret hosting the show.

"Hosting the Oscars is a whole different thing than going onto a soap opera," he added. "Nobody cares if you disrupt a soap opera, but if you go and host the Oscars and they get even an inkling of you trying to subvert it in any way or punk it in any way, people are going to get pissed."

For a look at the James Franco Oscar moments that still make us cringe, click through the gallery below!