Jelly Roll, whose real name is Jason DeFord, is prioritizing self-care in 2024! The country singer recently went to the dentist and had major work done on his teeth. His wife, Alyssa DeFord (known as Bunnie XO), documented the procedure on TikTok.

“I’m at the practice getting all my teeth redone,” Jelly Roll, 39, said from the dentist chair in the Tuesday, March 12, video, while seemingly under the influence of a medical sedative. “I’ve had these same veneers for 20 years. I’m finally getting them replaced and I’m getting some implants and I’m getting some cavities and some wisdom teeth pulled out. I’m doing a lot of s–t. I’m getting completely mouth reconstructive surgery, kind of.”

When someone in the background of the clip asked how he was feeling, Jelly Roll responded, “Sexy!” He then confirmed that he felt “great” and was happy to be “finally taking care of stuff,” while also admitting that he wants to have a nice smile.

jelly roll gets his teeth redone in reconstructive surgery

After all of the work was done, Bunnie, 44, filmed her husband leaving the practice. “I slept good!” he revealed. He also flashed a smile before getting into the car, but his new teeth were covered with gauze, so fans will have to wait to see the full transformation. 

The mouth surgery is the latest part of Jelly Roll’s 2024 self-care journey. In January, he revealed that he had accepted a challenge to run a 5K race in May. The “Save Me” singer said that he was “convinced” to train for the race after appearing on the “Full Send” podcast.

“I’m in the woods, walking every morning,” Jelly shared in a video. “5K by May, baby. 5K by May. I mean it.”

Over the years, the CMA Awards winner has been open about wanting to prioritize his health after previously weighing 500 pounds in 2015. “I don’t even have a goal when it comes to health,” he admitted in a November 2023 interview. “I just want to keep doing the right thing and feeling better. I’m starting to find a will to live and I wanna lean into that. That’s it. I just want to be happier. Weight is normally directly related to mental health, so I’m trying to get that under control, and the rest is following that.”

After playing various festivals and shows this spring and summer, Jelly Roll will kick off his Beautifully Broken tour at the end of August. He will spend two months playing in arenas across North America while on the road.