If you think Jordyn Woods is gorgeous on Instagram, then trust us, you’d prob faint if you saw her IRL. Life & Style sat down with the model at the NYC St. Ives Mixing Bar to talk about her skin care routine, fitness tips, and WTF people DM her on Instagram. Yup, things got personal. So what’s the No. 1 question fans want to know about Kylie Jenner’s BFF?

“Recently, it’s my workout routine,” Jordyn said. “But it’s like skin care, how I keep my skin clear, my workout routine, and… what do people ask me? Let’s see what we see right now!”

Jordyn pulled out her phone and scrolled through her DMs. “What exercises did you do to lose weight?” she read. “A lot of people ask me what I did to start modeling or how they can get into modeling.” So let’s dive into these, shall we?

Jordyn Woods’ best tips for modeling:

“Just be persistent to your goals, not taking no for an answer and just going with it and being experimental, and just being open to rejection,” she said. “A lot of people have an issue with rejection, but most of the time in this industry, you have to deal with that, so it’s just being willing to be rejected, but keep going through that.”

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Jordyn Woods on losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle:

“With working out, it’s a similar concept,” she continued. “Your own mind rejects the idea of getting up and getting out of bed, but you just can’t think about it. You have to go, you have to do it, and you have to stay consistent. Consistency was my biggest thing, and I think that’s why it was successful for me. I didn’t really think about it.”

“Working out became my therapy, it’s the one hour I don’t go on my phone, I don’t do anything, I just soley work out,” she added. “So I looked at it as more of a therapy than to lose weight or to look a certain way… that was just the benefit. A healthier lifestyle.”

Ultimately, going to the gym makes her day better. “I have more energy, I’m more active — which you would think is the other way around! I feel good, I feel like I’m more productive when I do work out, and it’s just good for your mind, your body, your soul, everything.”

Jordyn Woods on skin care:

When it comes to how she maintains that glow, Jordyn says it’s all about moisturizing. “I moisturize a lot, it’s almost like you shouldn’t have to wait for your skin to get ashy to moisturize. I just make sure I always put on lotion everywhere… literally everywhere, except for my armpits,” she laughs.

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Some of Jordyn’s favorite skin care products at the moment are the St. Ives Cleansing Stick and body scrub. “I like something more soothing and softer, so I’d choose a softer exfoliant, or a deeper one for my legs because they get really dry and the exfoliant helps them glow,” she shared. “And for my face, I like something mild, because you shouldn’t over-exfoliate your face.”

All good points. Thanks for the tips, Jordyn!