A breakout on American Horror Story, Emma Roberts is in demand. Now a source exclusively tells Life & Style that none other than her aunt Julia Roberts is clamoring to work with her. “Julia would like nothing better than for the two of them to star in a movie together,” adds the source.

The 56-year-old and the 33-year-old daughter of Julia’s brother, actor Eric Roberts, have worked together before. They both appeared in the 2010 film Valentine’s Day, but they had no scenes together. And when Emma was 10, Julia got her a part as an extra in her film America’s Sweethearts.

“Growing up, Emma was in awe of her gorgeous aunt and spent a lot of time hanging out with her,” notes the source. Even so, the mom of three didn’t always encourage her niece to pursue acting as a career. “Julia hoped Emma would choose something other than showbiz,” adds the insider. “But Emma says she was destined to follow in her footsteps.”