When it comes to winning a World Series, Justin Verlander is your guy. It turns out, he also holds the secret to sustaining a great relationship with his wife, Kate Upton. The two first got together back in 2013 and the athlete exclusively revealed to Life & Style that  “marrying your best friend” is the key to their lasting love. Aww!

“We have this great foundation and great relationship where we really just love each other’s company. But, it also takes work.”  the 36-year-old gushed about his marriage to the model, 26, while promoting his partnership with Flonase to fight his seasonal allergies. “I think like anything, we set a routine, we try to be involved in each other’s lives, we try not to go too long without spending time together. A lot of things that are easy to say but are hard to do.”

Kate Upton Justin Verlander after the world series
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The gorgeous duo has gone through a lot of changes in the past few years. They picked up their life and moved to Houston after Justin was traded to the Astros — the team he eventually went on to win the World Series in 2017 with. Following the epic victory, the couple tied the knot in Tuscany, Italy, on November 4, 2017. A year later, Kate gave birth to their first child, Genevieve, on November 7, 2018.

How do they keep each other a priority when life gets crazy? The pitcher explained, “It’s important for us, especially with our busy lifestyle and work, to not spend too much time away from each other and that seems to resolve any possible issues.” He added that he and the Sports Illustrated model just like to relax and have a good time. “When we’re at home we’re just a couple of goofy people who like to make each other laugh.”

Kate Upton Justin Verlander
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As far as what he’s been up to in the offseason, the athlete has been in full dad mode. He gushed about his daughter, “I want to be involved and I want to show her the right thing to do things.” It sounds like she’s in very good hands.