No personal space! Kate Hudson revealed what it was like to have her mom, Goldie Hawn, in the delivery room while giving birth to her daughter, Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa. And TBH, it sounds hella awkward.

The two actresses appeared on The Ellen Show to recall the unusual birthing experience. Goldie, 73, admitted she asked her daughter, 39, for permission this time around, considering when Kate gave birth to son Bing in 2011, Goldie was a bit distracting.

“The last time that it happened, I ate too many Doritos in front of you, brought you a Lotus, asked you to smell it, which is the worst thing you could do to a pregnant person,” she said. “Then you asked me to please put down my pizza. Then when I had whatever, you leaned up and said, ‘Mom, shut up,’ in one of your major contraction pushing things. So I was careful and I said, ‘Would it be OK? Do you want me to be in the room?'”

The How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days star admitted she wanted her mom there before she got candid about what the vibe in the delivery room was like while welcoming her third child. “What ended up happening too was this time I tried to do it naturally,” Kate explained. “I was induced, trying to do it naturally, then everyone would be in the room and I’d have those crazy contractions where I’d be talking, and then all of a sudden, I’d go ‘uhh.’ And I’d have to hunker down.”

Kate used a walking epidural because she was “too social for natural birth” and described the actual process of pushing to be quick. “The doctor was amazing. But mom, once again, man. She was right in there. I remember the doctor goes, ‘Goldie, you get a little closer you might fall in,” the Fool’s Gold actress said.

It’s safe to say she didn’t miss a thing!