Kevin Costner wants it clear how much of his own money he’s sunk into his long-planned film series, Horizon.

“I know they say I’ve got $20 million of my own money in this movie,” the 69-year-old told GQ. “I’ve got now about $38 million in the film. That’s the truth.”

And it’s also a problem. In the candid interview, the Oscar winner told the publication that he and his then-wife, Christine Baumgartner, mortgaged a beachfront parcel he owns in Santa Barbara.

“Ten acres. I said, ‘It’s a good deal.’ And she said, ‘Yeah, one more and we’re out of business,’” the actor joked about gambling his own money on his passion project.

Still he denied that his single-minded determination to realize his dream of a four-part Western had anything to do with the 2023 demise of his 20-year marriage. Yet an insider tells Life & Style the handbag designer was “so terrified they’d wind up broke,” she decided to cut her losses.

Kevin Costner Was Gambling ‘All His Cash’ During Marriage
Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

“At least that way she got what the prenup guaranteed her,” notes the source, “and didn’t have to sit around watching Kevin gamble away all his cash.”

But for the dad of seven, there’s no glory without pain.

“That’s the message I want my kids to understand about who I am: that I do what I believe in,” he told GQ, adding, “I have fear like everybody else. I don’t want to be humiliated.”

And he pointed out, his family had a home, they weren’t going to lose that. As for the beachfront parcel he mortgaged?

“I mean, it’s OK, maybe I lose that. But it’s: Have I lost myself?”