If there’s one thing the Kardashians pride themselves on, it’s how united they all are as a family. The season 17 premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which aired on Sunday, September 9, is a perfect example of that. As a result, Khloé Kardashian couldn’t help but praise her family for being so good at coparenting no matter their issues.

The episode focused primarily on True Thompson’s first birthday celebration and the awkwardness between Khloé and her ex/baby daddy, Tristan Thompson. Despite the issues the former couple dealt with, including the basketball player, 28, trying to kiss the reality star, they made the best of the situation for the sake of their daughter and her special day. This seemed to inspire the Good American founder to reflect on her own family and their ability to always put the kids first.

“I am so proud of my family for being amazing coparenters,” she live-tweeted while watching the episode. “It has created beautiful memories for my entire family.” She then went on to talk about her own fond memories of what her younger half-siblings Kendall and Kylie Jenner used to refer to her late dad, Robert Kardashian Sr. as. “The fact that my little sisters called my dad uncle Robert means so much to me. I love that I have strong incredible examples of love in my life #KUWTK,” she concluded.

One fan’s tweet caught Khloé’s attention and perfectly described how she perceives inviting Tristan to True’s birthday festivities. “That’s her dad. You want True to be able to look back and see the pictures of you and her dad being at every birthday!” read their message. Khlo replied in a quote-tweet, “Exactly!! Sometimes our personal emotions get in the way of what is best. I’m so happy I didn’t allow that to happen for the sake of True #KUWTK.”

The mom of one is so keen on leaving things in the past, and we couldn’t stan more. You go, Koko!