Anyone who keeps up with the Kardashians knows Rob Kardashian is a devoted father to his daughter, Dream Kardashian. Though he’s coparenting with Blac Chyna, the 32-year-old gets a lot of help from is family, including his mom Kris Jenner.

“In terms of Dream, they try to do the best they can,” a source exclusively told Life & Style about Rob and Chyna’s parenting. “Both of them have her best interest in mind. Rob may not be the most responsible human, but between him and Kris, they make sure Dream has the best of everything. He takes great care of her and has all the help he needs with nannies and music classes and all the fun stuff. He loves her so much.”

Unfortunately, the former flames, who split in 2017, don’t have the best relationship. “Rob and Chyna don’t get along and don’t talk,” the source added. “She has so much animosity toward them and wants to get as much out of them as she can.” On the bright side, they manage to make it work for Dream’s sake.

The 3-year-old isn’t just loved by her parents and grandma. Her famous Kar-Jenner aunts and their kids are all close with her. “Dream has a great relationship with her cousins and they all spend a lot of time together,” another insider divulged to Life & Style recently. “The Kar-Jenners make sure the kids all spend lots of time together and do lots of group playdates or music classes at one of their houses or something fun that they can all participate in. Khloé, Kim and Kourtney [Kardashian] all make sure to spend time with Dream and include her in everything they do with their kids, they absolutely love her.”

It’s true! For her birthday, her fam threw her a Trolls-themed party, which all of her cousins attended. In addition, Kylie Jenner went all out and took Dream on her first helicopter ride, which was the 22-year-old’s birthday gift to her. “Happy birthday, baby girl. You are a gift,” Kylie wrote on her Insta Story, which featured a photo of Dream just before hopping on the helicopter. It’s safe to say she’s living ~the dream!~