A moving performance by late country legend Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter left American Idol host Ryan Seacrest in tears and in need of comforting by judge Luke Bryan on the show’s Sunday, April 14, episode.

After contestant Emmy Russell sang her original song, “Want You,” a misty Ryan, 49, admitted, “I’m crying.” She explained the tune was about unrequited love, which included the lyrics, “I want you to want me / Like I want you / I want you to need me / Like I need you.”

Luke, 47, got up from his chair and said, “Ryan, I’ll give you a hug,” as the former Live host jumped into the country superstar’s arms for a sweet embrace as Emmy, 25, looked on with a smile and a laugh as the audience went wild for the gesture.

The “Buy Dirt” singer later quipped that Ryan was “most expensive thing I’ve ever held.” He’s likely not wrong, as the media mogul has a net worth of $450 million as of 2024.

Ryan Seacrest Comforted by Luke Bryan After Idol Performance 754

Fellow judge Katy Perry even showed her concern, asking the host, “Ryan, do you want somebody to want you like that, too?” He replied, “Love me, love me like I love you.”

The nationally syndicated radio host later explained why he was so incredibly moved by Emmy’s performance. Ryan told her, “Knowing that was your song, you started writing at 9, and those are your lyrics, it was just so emotional backstage.”

In his critique, Luke told Emmy, “That was so you. I loved it because it was so real, and I think we could really feel the emotion in that, and that’s what your artistry is about and don’t lose that.”

He continued, “That thing that you did with that song really is your signature. It was very emotional and probably my favorite performance that you’ve done.”

While Ryan may have been moved by a song about having feelings for someone who didn’t return them, he has no problem in his love life as he’s been dating model Aubrey Paige Petcosky since 2021. The couple made their red carpet debut the following year at New York’s Tribeca Festival.

On February 14, 2023, Aubrey, 26, let the world know how serious she and Ryan were, sharing a series of never-before-seen photos of the pair in romantic moments along with an adoring caption.

“Happy Valentine’s Day mi amor. Loving you has been the adventure of a lifetime. Cheers to many more laughs, sunrises, meals, and spontaneous adventures. Blessed to have the honor of loving you,” she gushed in the caption.