Poor Luke Bryan put a lot of thought and effort into his wife Caroline Boyer's Christmas present this year, but unfortunately it seems like in the end he gifted her with a big headache. The country singer surprised Caroline with two baby kangaroos, and while they're overwhelmingly cute, the gift brought a lot of backlash along with it.

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Brett’s barn additions. #brettsbarn

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"Are you insane? Please think about what you have done to these poor babies," said one outraged fan. "This is absolutely insane and cruel. How dare you." "This made me sick to watch," agreed another. "Please do the right thing and have these wonderful kangaroos taken to an animal sanctuary. They are NOT domestic animals." People didn't like that Luke will now be housing wild animals as pets, and there's some science to back that up.

Luke likely didn't have these animals pulled out of their homes, as the Australian National Kangaroo Protection Coalition said that a couple of breeds are bred to be pets. However, “reports we receive indicate that the death toll is very high amongst these animals, as they quite often they are restrained in small yards,” says the group's website. “Few overseas veterinarians know anything about them, and macropods do succumb very easily to stress-related diseases.”

Despite that discouraging fact, some fans maintained good faith that Luke wouldn't do anything to harm these animals. "There’s probably more behind it, don’t judge till you know the whole story people. It’s a very sweet idea. Have a feeling those lil guys are going to be just fine. They will probably get amazing love from them and cared for very well. Don’t judge a book by its cover. There’s always more to it once you change the page."

That fan is likely correct, because Luke mentioned in the caption that the roos were new Brett's Barn additions. Brett's Barn is an animal rescue center Luke created to honor his late niece Sadie Brett, so the baby kangaroos were probably orphaned and needed the care of the barn. Perhaps Luke shouldn't have made them look like a Christmas present, but we highly doubt that they would do anything cruel to these little cuties.