Megan Fox is getting slammed by fans after she asked her Instagram followers to donate to a GoFundMe page posted by her nail technician whose father is battling cancer.

The Transformers star, 37, shared a screengrab of the page to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, July 25, showing how the account set up by Brittney Boyce was only $2,400 towards a total goal of $30,000. Megan wrote over the photo, “My friend’s dad was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer if you guys are able to help please do,” along with a prayer hands emoji.

Megan was roasted on Twitter, as fans pointed out how she’s wealthy enough to cover that sum in full. “‘As if she isn’t rich as f–k and could help their friend immediately lol,” one person wrote, while another added, “She’s worth 8 million and wants others to fork over $30,000. I didn’t think I could think less of her, but alas, here we are.”

One user pointed out, “Megan Fox had a $30k manicure for the Grammys. Each nail was solid white gold with diamonds. The go fund me she shared is for her nail techs family cancer fund. The rest of the world is struggling to pay bills but she wants US to donate to HER manicurist?! Get the f–k out.” Another person tweeted,  “Seriously, if she is so deserving; sell a Berkin bag from your closet and write a check!!!”

Despite fans blasting Megan’s request, it appeared to be helping raise money. From the time she shared her Instagram Story to the time of publication, nearly $8,000 had been raised and the goal upped to $60,000 from $30,000.

Brittany explained in her GoFundMe post that her dad is 64 years old and still working and will have to miss a lot of time on the job amid his cancer battle. “I know things are tough for everyone right now but if you’re able to donate or share it would really help. He picked up his first prescription yesterday and it wasn’t covered by insurance the cost of that alone was $1,000 and it’s not even a full month supply. My goal here is to help him w/medical expenses so he can focus on himself and not the stress on finances,” she wrote.

The nail artist is the founder of Nails of LA and has over a decade of experience in the industry. In addition to Megan, Brittany has a client roster that includes the actress’ fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly, Olivia Rodrigo, Kim Kardashian and Madonna.