In 2002, Missy Elliott was burning up the charts with both "Work It" and "Gossip Folks." And although they're remembered for being totally unique and eclectic, with fun music videos to match, they're probably best known for the talented young dancers featured prominently throughout the music videos.

Alyson Stoner was only 10 years old when she first appeared in "Work It." Her performance as the pig-tailed dancer who could do a headstand was so memorable, she was invited back to appear in other Missy videos, like "Gossip Folks" and "I'm Really Hot." It also made her an instant celebrity.

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"I already wore pigtails everyday, and you cannot hide behind those Dora the Explorer bangs," Alyson said in 2015. "So after the video premiere, I would get stopped several times a day and asked to do the routine."

Dancing alongside Alyson in "Gossip Folks" was Monica Anne Parales, who originally auditioned for Alyson's part in "Work It."

"Missy Elliott was my first big project," she said in 2009. "And it was a funny story too because I didn’t audition for that music video, I auditioned for 'Work It.' But since I didn’t get that one, I was pretty sad. And all of sudden I’m at Cold Stone and I’m getting ice cream, and my mom gets a phone call, and she’s on hold for a Missy Elliott video called 'Gossip Folks.' And I was like, 'What?!'"

Today, both ladies are now in their 20s. Curious to see what they look like? Check out our video to see what they're doing today.