Ooh, la la! Tana Mongeau took to her Instagram Story on Monday, September 30, to share a sizzling video of her newly minted BFF Noah Cyrus dancing in her skivvies.

“Noah just gave my cousin the pants off her of her body and now she’s standing in the living room like this,” the popular YouTuber, 21, explained while the “All Falls Down” songstress, 19, twirled in her (thong!) underwear. Needless to say, we stan a generous queen who’s confident in her body.

Of course, this is hardly the first time that Tana and Noah have showcased their friendship on social media. In fact, they’ve been as thick as thieves for weeks now! So much so, that Tana and Noah even have their own ship name. “It’s Nana not Toah,” Miley Cyrus’ little sister captioned a selfie of the dynamic duo on September 27.

Courtesy of Tana Mongeau/Instagram

Now, we know what you might be thinking, “Aren’t ship names for romantic couples?” Yes, by definition, they are! Which brings us to our next point: A lot of people on the internet seem to think that things between Tana and Noah are, er, more than platonic.

Hmmm, perhaps that’s because Tana’s “husband,” Jake Paul, suggested that Noah and the MTV reality star want to hook up. Basically, fellow influencer Nikita Dragun dragged Jake, 22, for being unfaithful to Tana. However, the former Nickelodeon actor clarified that he and Tana have never been exclusive. 

“Even since the start of the relationship — which is why I think it’s funny that, like, Nikita gets all butt hurt online — since the start of our relationship it’s been, like, an open type of thing because that’s just how we both are,” Jake told ET Live during a September 16 interview. “And then Noah and Tana are, like, wanting to hook up and I think Noah’s the one pushing that narrative, which I think is dope, again.”

Jake then quipped, “Especially if I could be there.” Ahem, you know, as in having a threesome. As it stands, Jake and Tana are still together and Noah is just a friend … but who knows what the future holds! 

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