For as long as I can remember, I have had a love/hate relationship with my nose. It wasn’t because it was disproportionate to my face or because it was unable to pick up the strawberry notes in my favorite wine, completely dashing all my sommelier dreams. It was because of one minor detail: a bump. There on the bridge of my nose, a hump that made taking photos of my profile impossible.

And as an editor for an entertainment brand who sometimes has to do live interviews, it really had an effect on my confidence. So when I read about temporary nose jobs or non-surgical rhinoplasty, it instantly perked my interest. Here was a chance to modify the bump on my nose, without having major surgery, still maintaining a natural look, and if worse comes to worse, being able to reverse the procedure.

I made an appointment with Labb Aesthetic Beauty Bar in Miami and immediately told my closest family and friends. It was not something I was trying to hide and they were genuinely excited for me. I still had a few fears when it came to pain and needles, but when I met Dr. Lee Gibstein, the medical director at LABB, and Jennifer Leebow, the national education director at LABB and master injector, I was instantly comforted. With years of experience and a practice dedicated solely to injectables, I knew I was in good hands.

before and after

Note: Nose was still slightly swollen following the procedure.

To start, numbing cream was rubbed on my nose and about 15 minutes later, he began injecting a Juvederm filler into my nose, focusing on the bridge of my nose. On a scale of one to 10, Dr. Gibstein reassured me it would be a three but I can honestly say I barely felt more than a pinch. It was over before I knew it, with Dr. Gibstein being conservative with how much product he was injecting and making small adjustments as he went. No more than 30 minutes later, I was out the door with a bump-free nose, a small ice pack in my hand, and a new-found confidence.

It wasn’t a drastic transformation. None of my family or friends rushed up to me commenting on my new look, but it was understated, subtle, and just what I was looking for. Within a few hours the soreness had gone away and, aside from being told avoid wearing glasses, it was good as new. Not everyone is a candidate, and it’s definitely not for someone looking for a complete makeover. I spoke with Dr. Gibstein after my procedure, and he answered some of biggest questions people have regarding non-surgical nose jobs. Keep reading below for everything you need to know about the “five-minute nose job.”

How much does a non-surgical nose job cost?

“Surgical costs are very different from city to city and state to state obviously. So what a rhinoplasty costs in Manhattan are going to be different in Miami vs. LA, etc. [ The major cities tend to be more experience versus the lesser-known places. And then clearly, injections are less expensive but they might be more expensive over the course of time because they are reversible whereas a rhinoplasty, if all goes well, is a one-time done and you’re finished.”

[Ed. note: According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a nose job is $5,046. The average cost of a temporary nose job is $1,025.]

How long does it last?

“Typically lasts about six months, sometimes longer. They do build up, there is an element of collagen deposition, so when it metabolizes the product over time you do make a little bit of collagen. So many times, it will last longer with time.”

What are the risks of a non-surgical nose job?

“The typical risks, with any filler, is bruising, some redness, some swelling. Central face injections — there are some risks of vascular injuries that are a little more serious. So it’s important that someone will a little more experience do this sort of thing. Central face injections — you really need to know the anatomy and be careful there.”

How do you find the best non-surgical nose job option near you?

“Look for someone who is well-trained, well skilled and has a practice that is dedicated to injections. Social media is quite big but can be quite misleading. In the medical world, you can’t say certain things in certain ways, and on the Internet, there’s no filter. I would seek someone who is board certified, who is within the core specialties, has a passion for injections and facial aesthetics and facial anatomy rather than the casual user.”

Is a non-surgical nose job reversal?

“There are enzymes specific for Hyaluronic acids that we use… that melts them. They’re great for that sort of thing. You want to be conservative. You can always add more. You don’t want to take away, because if you take it away, what happens is the enzyme that melts it tends to be all or nothing…”

Does it hurt?

“There is no recovery. People come in during their lunch time to do their filler and run back to work.”