Too funny! North West took mom Kim Kardashian‘s phone without her knowing and posted to social media … again. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star hilariously tweeted about the incident after a fan shared the 6-year-old’s Snapchat that they were surprised to see.

“OMG I had no idea she did this until now LOL,” the 39-year-old reality babe responded to a fan on February 2 about the photo, which featured North with a mouse-face filter.

This isn’t the first time the adorable kiddo of Kim and Kanye West swiped her mom’s cell phone to use social media. On January 29, the KKW Beauty founder revealed that her daughter “figured out how to use Instagram” and shared the silly clips.

“She posted so many videos to my ‘closest friends,’” Kim explained at the time along with three laughing emojis. Surprisingly, there were a whopping 158 million followers on the E! celeb’s “close friends” list.

Kim Kardashian Instagram Story
Courtesy of Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Fans are here for North’s antics. “The amount of times North breaks the internet is my favorite,” one person commented on Kim’s latest tweet about her oldest child. “Don’t ground her, please,” someone else quipped. “She looks beautiful … very smart young lady to figure how to do this, I don’t even know how yet!” another follower added. “LOL my granddaughters are that age and they do that with my phone. Cute surprises,” someone else gushed.

North has been sneaking on to Kim’s phone for years. Back in 2015, fans were shook when Kim said that her kiddo was the one who shared a racy bikini pic of her on social media. “North posted this on IG while playing games on my phone,” the mogul explained about the photo of herself in a silver string bikini. “Not sure why or how she chose it, but I’m not complaining.”

Kim Kardashian and Daughter North West Snap a Selfie
Courtesy of Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Some people were skeptical — and there’s no way to prove that North was actually the culprit — but it’s hilarious to believe that she did. While the reality kid may still be a bit young to have her own social media page, we love seeing the surprising stunts she pulls on Kim’s account.

Keep being the cutest, North!