This tough chick is very quickly becoming our body positivity queen! Paris Jackson is one of those rare people that seems to be truly comfortable in her body. She has no problem with what other people may deem “flaws,” and she proved it on Oct. 16 by posting a topless Instagram photo showing off her “rolls.” Watch the video below to see the inspiring, sexy post!

To be fair, Paris has an amazing body, and we don’t actually see any rolls at all! But still, everyone has their insecurities, and for the starlet to overcome hers and be so confident is no small feat. She’s got our respect! This actually isn’t the first time Paris has posed topless. As a matter of fact, she often goes out into the wilderness in Joshua Tree, where she connects with nature and lets her body breathe.

Fans couldn’t help but notice her interesting chest tattoo in the new photo, which features the seven chakras in a line down her sternum. Michael Jackson’s daughter actually has several tattoos all over her body, including a spoon, a giant rabbit, and Prince’s symbol.

Paris has been someone we look to for body positivity for a while now, and it’s not all about her weight. She recently walked the red carpet with hairy armpits and legs, proving to fans that you don’t need to live up to Hollywood’s beauty standards to be beautiful. When people online mocked her for the choice, calling her horrible things like “dirty” and “disgusting,” she clapped back on Twitter by retweeting them, which showed that they can’t get to her. Never change, Paris!