She made us laugh until tears formed in our eyes. She made us giggle until our stomachs ached. She put a smile on our faces when tough times were had.

There will never be another person quite like Joan Rivers.

On Thursday, Sept. 4, Melissa Rivers confirmed her mother died at the age of 81 — one week after she was hospitalized at Mount Sinai Hospital following a throat procedure gone wrong at an upper east side clinic in Manhattan.

To remember the legendary comedienne, we've joined two of our favorite things about Joan: fashion and funny.

Though she often said some harsh things about celebrities, she said just as many taboo things about herself. Take this for instance: "My face has been tucked in more times than a bed sheet at the Holiday Inn!”

We know she's probably having the last laugh wherever she may be knowing she took Brangelina's wedding thunder, Beyoncé's birthday spotlight and passed away on the very first day of New York Fashion Week. We can hear you from here, Joan.

Scroll through below to see her most iconic looks over the past five decades along with her most memorable quips and one-liners: