The multi-millionaire father of Pippa Middleton‘s husband James Matthews has been arrested in Paris, France on charges of raping a child. David Matthews is now 73 years old, but the two alleged attacks took place between 1998 and 1999, reported Daily Mail.

Apparently, a relative reported the incident and French national news agency AFP said Matthews faced charges of “rape of a minor by a person with authority over his victim,” according to legal sources. Pippa’s father-in-law has denied the allegations. The Juvenile Protection Brigade (BPM) department of the Paris judicial police is handling the case.

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David Matthews waves beside Pippa and James on their wedding day.

The hotel mogul was arrested by police as soon as he arrived at the Paris Orly Airport on March 27 when he was travelling to Southern France, according to The Sun. He reportedly spent 48 hours in custody and was questioned extensively by specialist cops before being taken to the Palais du Justice.

That’s where he was allegedly shown the evidence the court has gathered against him. The Investigative Magistrate also reviewed the evidence and determined that it was enough to charge him. Of the two alleged attacks, one reportedly happened on the island of St. Barts (where he owns a hotel) and the other was in Paris. It is unclear whether both attacks were against one minor, or if there were two victims. There’s also no indication of who the child is.

Matthews was in attendance at Pippa and James’ May wedding last year, alongside wife Jane Parker. So far there is no statement from Matthews, James, or Pippa about the horrific situation.