Joshua James Corbett, the stalker that broke into Sandra Bullock‘s home back in 2014, was found dead in his La Crescenta, CA, home on Wednesday, May 2, according to NBC Los Angeles.

The man allegedly died from a self-inflicted injury according to the LA County coroner’s office (police say it wasn’t a gunshot wound, however) after a five-hour-long stand-off with the SWAT team. The police originally showed up to his house for a possible parole violation, but when they arrived, “the suspect barricaded himself inside” the home, a spokesperson said to People. They added that “SWAT was on scene due to suspect’s threat of violence towards police.” Joshua was reportedly saying he had a weapon and threatened to kill them.

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Four years ago, Joshua was sentenced to five years probation for stalking the actress and breaking into her home after the Spike’s TV Guys’ Choice Awards. On top of that, a 10-year protective order was issued to keep him away from Sandra, and he also had to receive treatment at a mental health facility. “An intruder was arrested on [her] property this morning,” Sandra’s rep confirmed after the scary incident in 2014. “She is unharmed and is fine.”

In a new interview, with InStyle Sandra opened up about how she and her two adopted kids, Louis, 8, and Laila, 6 deal with the overwhelming amount of paparazzi and fan response when they step out. “We were followed by the paparazzi, so the word was out that I had another child. And everyone wanted photos. It was heartbreaking,” the Ocean’s 8 star explained of the time they had to go to the hospital for Laila’s allergic reaction. “Louis would hear a helicopter or drone, and he’d run to get his sister and drag her across the lawn and hide her under the trampoline. So poor Laila had PTSD. But it took the bounty off once we did those official photos. Everything’s a learning experience.”