You hear that, Chris Harrison? Tana Mongeau is more than willing to become the next Bachelorette, she exclusively tells Life & Style. “I’ve been getting so many tweets [about it],” explains the 21-year-old YouTuber. 

“I actually, in the very beginning of my career, [explored] the idea of something like that,” Tana admits. “I feel like I never say … never heard anything. Bachelorette, if you want to have me, why the f–k not? Why not?” If nothing else, Tana would definitely bring some much-needed entertainment to the franchise.

However, as it stands, the Las Vegas native already has a pretty busy schedule — including two other reality TV shows. Most recently, she joined the cast of Kian Lawley and JC Caylen’s Reality House 3. “I’m so, so excited. I think the way that YouTubers are starting to take the digital space and really turn it into something where they’re putting out traditional media style content is so incredible,” gushes Tana. 

Tana Mongeau Talks Going on The Bachelorette
Life & Style

“What Kian and JC have done has paved the way for so many other people and it’s, they’re getting a million views a video that is more than most traditional television shows. I’m super stoked to be a part of something so pivotal and important to our space and it’s definitely going to be chaotic,” she continues. “I’m talking so fancy about it — like I’m not going to be on the show blackout drunk, hooking up with someone — but I’m excited.”

On top of all of Tana’s reality TV shenanigans, the social media starlet is coming out with a memoir … eventually. “When I have a release date, I might tattoo it on my forehead. So I promise when I do, you will definitely know about it,” Tana jokes. “But no, I’m still really perfecting it. I think this is like the most vulnerable I’ll ever be. When this comes out, I’m going to go into hiding. I’m going to be so scared. I’m not going to be able to look anyone in the face once this book is released, it’s very intense. So yeah, I just really want to perfect it before it’s released.”

Fair enough, Tana! We’ll be waiting patiently.

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