Twinning alert! Fans are losing their minds over an 18-year-old girl who happens to look like the perfect blend of Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato. Not a bad comparison right? Samantha Rodriguez made headlines for her appearance at an LGBTQ+Pride Parade in Houston, TX, over the weekend, since many think she's the spitting image of both of the chart-topping singers. Some were convinced she was the perfect pop star clone with her gorgeous facial features and body type, so it wasn't long until her sun-kissed photo went viral.

In the new pic, Samantha slayed the fashion game, rocking a rainbow bikini top and white mini shorts. She even opted for a glowing highlighter for the special occasion, getting in the spirit for the momentous occasion. Many were having a field day in the comment section of her Twitter post, mentioning how much she was truly Ari and Demi's doppelgänger. "Make up your mind, you're either gonna be Ariana Grande or Demi Lovato," one fan wrote, sharing a hilarious meme alongside it. "How is it fair that you're literally a combination of the two most beautiful people on the planet," another sweet commenter noted.

Weirdly enough, this isn't the first time fans found a lookalike of Ariana from surfing the web. In January 2017, fans went nuts over a gorgeous Instagrammer named Jacky Melissa Vasquez, who could literally be Ari's twin. Jacky's social media following grew to a whopping 220,000 thanks to their uncanny resemblance. Now that Samantha is the next stunner to break the Internet for her comparisons to Ari and Demi, she's clearly getting a kick out of the hype, writing: "LOL, Love this." Sam's just as cool as the celebs!