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Is there a more empowering feeling than leaving a salon appointment with sleek, freshly styled hair? When your tresses are tamed to perfection, there’s nothing you can’t do. Luckily, there are plenty of hair straightening tools that can help you achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of home.

When it comes to hair straighteners, there’s no shortage of options for every hair type, length, and texture. However, varying temperature settings, features, and plate sizes can make finding the right fit a challenge. Worry not—we’ve explored all the options to bring you the best tools for creating beautifully straight styles!

The Best Hair Straightener You Can Buy 

The Best Overall Hair Straightener: Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron

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Price: $19.99

It’s safe to say that the Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron is a tried-and-true classic—it’s reliable, gets the job done, and is a fantastic bargain. The double ceramic plates deliver gentle, even heat while combating frizz and supercharging shine. This hair straightener is just what you need for quick styling that produces long-lasting looks.

With the range of styles you can create with this tool, it’s sure to become a staple in your morning routine. The plates are perfectly sized for straightening, adding volume, flipping, or creating loose, beachy waves. It’s compatible with all hair types and has 5 different heat settings up to 410°F. When it comes to creating simple styles, this hair straightener does it all!

The Best Hair Straightener for Damaged Hair: HSI Professional Glider 

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Price: $47.95

Could your hair use a little TLC? The Professional Glider by HSI will transform your tresses while preventing damage. This flat iron is equipped with micro-sensors that regulate and distribute heat evenly, reducing the number of passes needed to achieve your desired look. 

The tourmaline-infused plates create a shiny finish while allowing smaller water molecules to penetrate hair to limit frizz and static. In addition to being the perfect pick for those who want to be extra cautious with hair care, this set comes with a travel-sized hair treatment, glove, and travel pouch!

The Best Hair Straightener for Fighting Frizz: VANESSA Flat Iron Hair Straightener and Curler

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Price: $51.99

If you live in a humid environment or inherited naturally frizzy hair, straightening can feel like a chore. Fortunately, this hair straightener by VANESSA works overtime to tame unwanted frizz. The nano-titanium plates have high levels of negative ions to deliver silky, conditioned hair with increased shine and moisture. 

This straightener has a 360° flexible swivel cord so you can comfortably maneuver around different areas of your head, plus extra-long plates for styling in a snap. With rose gold buttons and a matte black body, this flat iron looks just as good as the styles it creates. 

The Best Hair Straightener for Long Hair: INFINITIPRO by CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron 

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Price: $46.99


If you’re blessed with lusciously long locks, straightening your hair can take up the majority of your morning. This flat iron from CONAIR will give you time back with  2-inch plates that take in more of your hair with every swipe. Add volume or create sleek styles with floating plates that adjust to your hair type and texture. 


The tourmaline ceramic plates distribute even heat to create long-lasting styles while taming frizz. With the ability to reach 455°F in just 15 seconds, your long hair will be smooth and straight in no time!

The Best Hair Straightener for Everyday Styling: INFINITIPRO by CONAIR Rainbow Titanium Flat Iron

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Price: $48.94

If you’re looking for a hair tool that does it all, the 1-inch INFINITIPRO Flat Iron by Conair is the one for you! Straighten, curl, flip, or wave your hair with an iron that’s perfectly sized to achieve a range of styles. The titanium floating plates protect against heat damage while controlling frizz and boosting shine. 

This essential hair tool features 6 temperature settings up to 450°F for smooth styling across all hair types. It heats up in 30 seconds and maintains temperatures for efficient styling and peace of mind. With a hair straightener that’s compatible with so many style options, you can easily switch up your look from day to day with a single tool. 


The Best Hair Straightener for Long-Term Use: CHI Original Flat Hair Straightening Ceramic Iron

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Price: $47.21

Look no further than the CHI Original Flat Hair Straightening Ceramic Iron for a straightener that goes the distance. Another tried-and-true classic, this device is a professional, salon-quality tool that creates desirable styles on the fly. In addition to being a high-quality straightener, CHI offers a warranty so you can continue creating styles for years to come. 

This versatile styling tool streamlines straightening, flipping, and curling with its ergonomic design and ease of use. Hair glides smoothly along the 1-inch ceramic plates to create silky, frizz-free styles. This iron uses flash-quick heating to bring the temperature up to 392°F, but it’s worth noting that the heat is not adjustable! 

The Best Hair Straightener for Beginners: Remington S6501 Ultimate Ceramic Flat Iron

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Price: $24.99

If hair straightening isn’t your forte, Remington’s S6501 Ultimate Ceramic Flat Iron is a beginner-friendly option to simplify styling. This iron is built with a comfortable, ergonomic design and swivel cord to make straightening a little easier. Its 1-inch ceramic floating plates offer a smooth glide, giving quadruple protection in comparison to Remington’s traditional straightener.

The S6501 heats up in just 30 seconds and has a built-in auto shut-off for hassle-free styling. It features a digital display with 6 heat settings up to 410°, so you can easily find the perfect temperature for your hair type and texture. 

The Best Hair Straightener for Quick Styling: REVLON Perfect Straight Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Flat Iron

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Price: $29.99

If you want to create perfectly straight locks without spending lots of time in front of your mirror, REVLON’s Perfect Straight Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Flat Iron will help to speed up the styling process. This iron is equipped with extra-large plates that take in more hair and heat up to 455°F in just 15 seconds!

You’ll find the perfect heat level for your hair with 10 different settings conveniently featured on a color-coded LED display. This iron’s lightweight design makes it a great travel companion, while its auto-off setting offers peace of mind on busy mornings when you’re rushing out the door


The Best Hair Straightener for Thin Hair: Bcway Professional Hair Straightener

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Price: $28.99

For those with fine hair that requires a little extra protection, Bcway’s Professional Hair Straightener comes with safety features that give you the straight styles you’re after without risking excessive damage. One of the hallmarks of this product is Hair Care Mode, a setting that keeps the temperature low at 250°F for fragile hair types.

Additionally, this tool has an extra-wide iron for quicker styling that requires fewer passes on your hair. This hair straightener makes styling safer and more straightforward with a 360° swivel cord, a temperature safety lock, built-in auto shut-off, and a hook for easy storage.

The Best Salon-Quality Hair Straightener: HOT TOOLS Signature Series Ceramic Digital Flat Iron

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Price: $49.99

Are you ready to upgrade your hair tool collection? This hair straightener from Hot Tools brings salon-quality equipment to your everyday routine! It’s equipped with wide, 1 ½-inch plates, so longer sections of your hair can be styled more efficiently. Its pulse technology maintains your ideal temperature up to 450°F.

This iron has multi-directional plates for ultra-sleek looks, automatic shut-off, a digital display, and dual voltage for international travel. With this hair straightener, creating salon-worthy looks on your own is both attainable and affordable.  

The Best Hair Straightener for the Value: ElectriBrite Hair Straightener

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Price: $28.96

The ElectriBrite Hair Straightener has much more in store for you than just straight, sleek hair—it also comes with a handy heat-resistant glove, travel bag, salon comb, and hair clips to complete your collection. With four adjustable settings, this kit is compatible with all hair types, from short and straight to coarse and curly.

Each floating ceramic plate is infused with nano silver, argan oil, tourmaline, and titanium to emit negative ions, smoothing hair and locking in moisture and shine. It also features a 3-second temperature lock and heat-stabilizing technology for extra protection. With a solid price point and an abundance of features, this straightener is hard to pass up! 

The Best Hair Straightener for Curling Hair: FURIDEN Professional Hair Straightener

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Price: $79.99

Hair straighteners are great for creating beautiful, bouncy curls, and the Professional Hair Straightener from FURIDEN is one of the best. The curved edges of each plate create the perfect angles for seamless curls and beachy waves. The rounded body glides seamlessly through your hair strands, preventing snagging or crimping while making ultra-voluminous curls.

The Professional Hair Straightener is also a powerhouse for straight styles with floating plates that distribute balanced heat with every swipe. This iron was designed to make styling more efficient, saving you time while creating confidence-boosting curls and silky-smooth strands!

Which Hair Straightener is best for your Life & Style?

When looking for a hair straightener to take your daily do to the next level, choose products that match your hair type and texture to keep your strands as healthy as possible while preventing damage. It’s also a good idea to pick a tool that makes styling quick ‘n’ easy to get more time back in the morning. With the right hair straightener, you can achieve salon-quality styles any day of the week!