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Curling irons and wands are fantastic but imagine if you could tone down your overflowing bathroom cabinet by investing in one heat tool instead of three? Well, it's actually possible. Despite many naysayers bashing YouTube videos in the comments, it's not impossible to curl your hair and make beachy waves with a straightener. Like anything else in the beauty world, you just have to practice until you master it!

There are several techniques for using your flat iron to produce gorgeous curls. There's a twist method, which requires curling the hair around the flat iron and twisting the iron around the hair and then there's the method we are going to show you below. This method doesn't use twisting; instead, we've looped the hair around the flat iron's plates, much like you would loop the hair around a curling iron.

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What You'll Need

Heat protectant spray


Flat iron

Hair spray (optional)

Step 1: Brush your hair and spray heat protectant

Using a brush or comb — whatever your preference — relieve your hair of any tangles and knots. Spritz some heat protectant spray all around your hair. This step is crucial because it protects your hair from getting damaged.

Step 2: Start at the root

Start by getting acclimated with a medium-sized section of hair. Place the flat iron at the root. You're basically going to treat your flat iron like a curling wand, taking the medium section of hair and curling it around the front of the flat iron base.

The smaller section of hair you use, the tighter and more ringlet-like the curls will be. Similarly, the larger the section, the thicker and wavier the curls.

Step 3: Loop the hair through the hot iron plates

Since it's actually not a curling wand, you're going to loop the rest of the hair from the back through the plates of the flat iron, then clip the iron closed. Clip the iron closed, then slide it down as if you're regularly straightening your hair.

Step 4: Slide the iron down the strand of hair

After clipping the iron closed, you're basically going to pretend you're straightening your hair the regular way. Slide the iron down toward the ends of your hair, the same way you typically flat iron it.

The slower you run the flat iron down your hair, the better and more intact the curls will be.

Step 5: Repeat and spritz with hairspray

It's optional of course, depending on your preference, but if you'd like to spritz some hairspray on your curls to ensure they hold, you can do that after each individual curl is done. Repeat these steps over and over again until the whole head of hair is complete.