Lid lifts, boob jobs, tummy tucks, the whole works! Women with body issues in Korea are being treated to mind-blowing physical transformations on a crazy plastic surgery makeover show called 'Let Me In'.

South Korea is estimated to have one of the highest rates of plastic surgery in the whole world. According to the New York Times, it has been estimated that between one-fifth and one-third of women in Seoul have had some form of plastic surgery.

One poll reported by the BBC even put the figure at fifty per cent or higher for women in their twenties!

let me in surgery
'Let Me In'

Although the USA has slipped to number 6 on the countries-who-like-to-nip-tuck list, this crazy program is actually based on an American idea!

Plastic surgery aficionados may remember the brilliantly campy extreme makeover reality show 'The Swan' on Fox, where contestants were nipped, tucked, reduced and enlarged in various ways before donning a ball gown and being revealed to herself with a dramatic curtain drop. The contestants would later compete in a pageant, hoping to be crowned 'The Swan'.

south korea plastic surgery show
'Let Me In'

The show wasn't much of a hit though. Apparently giving women a new face and then immediately making them face losing a beauty contest didn't sit too well with American viewers (shocker!), and the show ended after two seasons.

Unlike 'The Swan', 'Let Me In' is a rip-roaring hit! We think it must be down to the hilarious reveal scenes where the hosts simply fall all over themselves in the most delightful way.

Check out a scene from the show below: