Life & Style has learned that Tori Spelling’s once famously icy relationship with her mother, Candy, is strained yet again.

At the third birthday party of Tori's daughter Hattie on Oct. 12, Candy arrived with her new BFF — troubled actress Tatum O’Neal.

“At the party, Tatum was raving about how warm and kind Candy had been, a ‘real mother figure’ to her,” a partygoer reveals in the new issue of Life & Style.

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“Tori looked tortured when they walked in the door,” the partygoer explains, adding that Candy and Tatum have become “fast friends,” since meeting at a hair salon a few months ago.

“Tatum approached Candy, saying she needed a mother because she had lost her own,” the partygoer tells Life & Style. “You could tell their relationship really upsets [Tori].”

For more on Candy and Tori’s tense relationship, pick up the new issue of Life & Style on newsstands now.