Did Wells Adams just get out of the friend zone? It sure looks like it! This season on Bachelor in Paradise sparks flew between Wells and his longtime pal Danielle Maltby — and fans of the reality dating competition are hoping they are giving love a shot.

Wells, 33, and Danielle, 32, are both currently living in Nashville and it was revealed that the duo went on a date together years before joining the Bachelor franchise. However, they remained friends with Wells claiming on the show she was “out of his league” and he was airing on the “side of caution.”

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However, he finally made his move when Danielle announced that she was leaving BiP to go on a charity trip to Kenya. And that kiss was definitely not between friends. So are they dating today? While neither has confirmed rumors, they are definitely super close.

Wells made a couple appearances on the blonde beauty’s Instagram page and they can be seen feeding each other in a cute video. “Hangrrrrrrrrry @wellsadams #feedme #getinmybelly @nashvillesounds Thank you for an awesome night,” she captioned the clip. For his part, Wells also shows Danielle love on social media, sweetly calling her “Danny.”

Bachelor Nation is also definitely shipping Wells and Danielle. Here are some of the best tweets about the couple:

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If anyone deserves love, it’s Danielle who tragically lost her fiancé Nick Haag six years ago. On Nick Viall‘s season of The Bachelor, Danielle detailed the traumatic experience, saying, “I was engaged and five and a half years ago he passed away. He overdosed on drugs and I found him. I didn’t know he was an addict so it was a complete shock.” It was his death that prompted her move to Nashville, where she “put myself back together” and put the part-time model one step closer to Wells.

As Danielle said on tonight’s episode, she’s ready to call some her boyfriend — and we think Wells is the perfect candidate. Love Bachelor in Paradise? Be sure to join our Bachelor in Paradise Facebook group to chat about all the latest updates, exclusive interviews, and juicy gossip!