The Golden Bachelor’s Sandra Mason made headlines when, in episode 4, she missed her daughter’s wedding to play pickleball on a group date. Later in the episode, she had to miss the fourth rose ceremony and was seen sick in bed. Read on to learn about Sandra and her sudden illness and get updates on her condition.

Who Is The Golden Bachelor’s Sandra Mason?

Sandra is a 75-year-old retired executive assistant from Doraville, Georgia. She made a big impression in the season premiere when she shared her “zen” swear chant with Bachelor Gerry Turner.

While the eligible hunk told The Hollywood Reporter he was “embarrassed” by Sandra’s cursing, she quickly became a fan favorite.

In the latest episode of the series, Sandra had to miss her daughter’s wedding to continue the competition. The reality contestant told Gerry that missing the ceremony was “something my daughter and I discussed early on.”

“She said, ‘Mom, I’ve got my guy. I want you to go get yours,’” she explained.

Upon learning of Sandra’s choice, Gerry told her, “I feel very flattered, but that’s a big event.” He and Sandra then FaceTimed Sandra’s daughter.

“That was so sweet of him,” Sandra later said of Gerry. “He’s always full of these sweet surprises and he’s so thoughtful. This man is something different.”

What Happened to Sandra on the Golden Bachelor
ABC/Craig Sjodin

What Happened to Sandra on ‘The Golden Bachelor’?

After a pickleball group date, Sandra and some of the other Golden Bachelor contestants: Nancy, Kathy, Susan, April and Faith, gathered for a game of Never Have I Ever with ice cream in place of drinks.

During the game, Sandra revealed that she has had sex in the workplace, saying, “My husband and I did it everywhere!” after taking a bite of ice cream.

However, during a confessional, Sandra revealed, “I should not be eating this ice cream because I’m lactose intolerant.”

She ended up bedridden with an upset stomach and was forced to miss the evening’s rose ceremony.

Is ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Contestant Sandra Still in the Running?

Sandra had to miss the fourth rose ceremony but she was safe from elimination because Gerry had already given her a rose after their pickleball group date.

“This rose has to go to someone who really gave up a lot to be here today,” he said after the game. “Someone who missed a daughter’s wedding.”

In a confessional, Sandra said, “He’s a sentimental kind of guy and he knew that I made the choice to be here for him and me.”