The Southern Charm cast is all about social status, wealth and of course, drama. Whitney Sudler-Smith is the poster boy of the first two prerequisites – but he’s too busy in his career to get caught up with cast feuds.

What is Southern Charm’s Whitney Sudler-Smith’s Job?

In case you were wondering why Whitney embodies the phrase Southern Charm, well, it’s because he created the show! Mind-blowing information, right?

In 2018, the Virginia native revealed that he used his background in film to come up with Southern Charm. However, he initially pitched the project as a documentary.

“I’d become friends with Thomas Ravenel, who lived in Charleston, I think he’d just gotten out of prison. I felt he’d be this really compelling character. And I figured he’d make interesting subject matter for a documentary and/or TV show,” Whitney told Urban Daddy at the time. “I did this pilot thinking it was going to be a documentary kind of exploring the myth of the Old South and reconstruction and all this bulls–t. And my agent said at the time, ‘No, no, no, this should be a TV show, these characters are all compelling,’ and we just kind of built it out from there.”

In addition to being the creator and executive producer of Southern Charm, Whitney is the executive producer of Southern Charm Savannah and Southern Charm New Orleans.

What Is Southern Charm’s Whitney Sudler-Smith’s Job?

The Bravo star summed up his career in his Instagram bio: “I write, make movies and TV shows, and can shred Metal on guitar. I also have five dogs.

“I pursued screenwriting in the ’90s to various degrees of success and then got into directing. Once I kind of laid roots here [in Los Angeles], I kind of never left. You have your ups and downs in any kind of career but especially in a film career,” he previously explained to “In the past 10, 12 years, it kind of picked back up — getting a production company together. We’re doing a lot of other stuff. I have an office I got to from time-to-time. It’s busy here, for sure.”

Whitney coruns his own production company, Vainglorious Productions, in Los Angeles and lives bicoastal as he usually spends his time working in the land of stars.

Besides his Bravo credit, Whitney is known for his work in Bubba and Ike and Torture TV.

Southern Charm’s Whitney Sudler-Smith’s Career Updates

Whitney made his scripted project debut in October 2023 for Project Office.

“It’s a dark comedy,” he told Deadline at the time. “I guess it’s life Gossip Girl on ketamine and it takes the piss out of young London high society. It’s very funny and we’re very proud of it and we’re developing it now.”