Craig Conover has always been successful, but the Southern Charm star has reached new heights in his career after he started chasing his passion. From being the man of the law to running his own business, the reality star has an extensive job history.

What Jobs Has Southern Charm’s Craig Conover Had?

The Bravo star received his Bachelor of Science degree in 2010 from the College of Charleston and graduated from the Charleston School of Law four years later.

Craig had a rocky start in his law career because he didn’t receive his law degree upon graduation ​due to his failure to turn in a final thesis paper. However, he was given permission to complete the assignment tardy. After receiving his diploma, he took the South Carolina Bar exam in April 2017 and was sworn into the South Carolina Bar the following year.

In March 2021, Craig opened his own self-titled law firm.

“Don’t get run over, call Conover! You may have seen me on TV, but my clients know me as their personal injury lawyer. Conover Law Firm can help YOU with your personal injury or workers’ compensation case,” the Law Firm’s March 2021 Instagram caption read.

However, Craig is seemingly no longer practicing law as he has found success in a new business endeavor and the firm’s Instagram page hasn’t been active since December 2021.

Southern Charm’s Craig Founded a Pillow Company

Craig was roasted by his costars for sharing his love of sewing, especially ​ex-girlfriend Naomie Olindo. During season 5, Craig bought his own sewing machine to reignite his love for the craft, but it ended up being the kickstart of his pillow business. ​Naomie was not supportive of his dream, which led to his infamous line, “What’s wrong with my sewing?”

What Is Southern Charm's Craig Conover's Job? Pillow Company

The Winter House ​star reflected on that moment and admitted he felt “sad” in that moment.

“I remember starting to get sad, because they were really dogs with bones and they ran with it. I think I was lonely [at] the time because I felt like I was the only one that shared my thoughts [about the business],” he told Us Weekly in October 2023. “Fortunately, I had supportive parents, but soon after I ended up moving to The Bahamas and being like, ‘I just need to find myself.’ And everything happens for a reason.”

Craig launched his apparel and pillow brand, Down South Sewing, in 2018 and the business has reached great success in its first years. The reality star landed a pillow collection with HSN in 2020 and was grateful to reach a goal so soon.


“I feel like it has a healthy message: Don’t let anyone ever tell you what your passion is and don’t be scared to chase it just because it’s not a societal norm,” Craig told Bravo in June 2020 in reference to his career change. “It took me until I was 30 years old to start this. It’s never too late to go out and do what you want.”

Now, Down South Sewing is selling out products and is such a hit that Craig opened a warehouse during the show’s ninth season.

“This place is huge. But it’s gonna fill up fast,” Craig said during a visit to the warehouse during season 9, episode 3. “Sewing Down South has just grown exponentially, and it’s incredible to go from selling out of my dining room to an e-commerce site to the flagship store. Now, we have enough inventory to have our own warehouse. So, move over, Martha Stewart. I’m here to stay.”

Craig even includes girlfriend and Summer House star Paige DeSorbo in his business and launched “The Paige Collection” in October 2023. The collection offers four chic, black and white designed pillows that cost $65 each. The collaboration was a hit as the items are sold out, according to the business’ website.