Season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise is seriously heating up, thanks in part to contestant Olivia Lewis.

The New York native has already stirred up drama on the beach with a love triangle between Will Urena and Kylee Russell and has created some meme-worthy content with her infamous toe-sucking talk.

With all the drama surrounding her, fans are dying to know more about Olivia.

Who Is Bachelor in Paradise’s Olivia Lewis?

Olivia first entered the Bachelor universe when she appeared on season 27 of The

Bachelor, which premiered in January 2023. She was competing for Zach Shallcross’ heart but was eliminated in week one during the first rose ceremony.

The 25-year-old is now back for season nine of Bachelor in Paradise, where she immediately found herself in a love triangle. After making out with Will in episode one, Olivia was disappointed when Kylee asked Will out on a date.

Who is Bachelor in Paradises Olivia Lewis
Courtesy of Olivia Lewis/Instagram

Olivia Lewis.

“Don’t mack on me and then go say yes to a date,” Olivia complained in a confessional.

By the second episode, Olivia was once again at risk for not getting a rose.

Luckily, she caught the attention of Peter Cappio, who presented her with the last rose of the evening.

Olivia later celebrated by posting a photo on Instagram of her and Peter sitting together. “Got my first ever bachelor rose and I’m ready to soar to new heights,” she wrote in the caption.

Does Olivia Lewis Want to Date Anyone on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

Olivia has her eye on a few men on the beach. In the first episode, Olivia seemed interested in pursuing a relationship with Will. “Baby, Will is an attractive human being,” she said.

After Will set his sights on Kylee, Aven Jones arrived on the beach.

“Aven is fine,” Olivia said in a confessional. “If Kylee gets to take Will, I get to take Aven. Let me tell you if I don’t leave here with that man, I’m gonna be real upset.”

After Aven called Kylee’s name during the first rose ceremony, Peter chose Olivia.

What Is Olivia Lewis’ Job?

Olivia works as a patient care technician. According to her ABC cast bio, she dreams of becoming a physician’s assistant.

She’s also a basketball referee. In February 2023, she posted photos of herself on the court on Instagram. “Was apart of the first all women 3-man to ref in Rochester. Became one of the first women on Board 60 to ref an all women 3-man,” she wrote in the caption. “I would say 12 year old Liv Lew would be so proud but 24 year old Liv Lew might be prouder.”