What are you doing, Zac Efron?! That heartthrob found himself in some hot water with fans on July 5 after posting a photo of himself with his hair in dreads. It didn't take long for people to flood his Instagram comments with lessons about cultural appropriation!

"Just for fun," Zac caption the black and white photo, but fans didn't think it was very fun. "Nothing like good old fashioned cultural appropriation ?" wrote one fan, while another chimed in, "why would you do this to me? I loved you!" While many people asked "what's the big deal," and said "people are too sensitive," some fans were willing to take the time to educate others on the issue. "The fact the Supreme Court made it legal for jobs to discriminate against people of color with dreads, that’s why people would be offended. ??‍♀️" Yet another said, "I've got an idea: let's start the White People Quit Having Dreadlocks Challenge."

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Just for fun 🤘

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"You should be with Vanessa Hudgens, you belong together," said another commenter, making fun of the fact that Zac's ex has also often been called out for misappropriating other cultures, especially for music festivals.

It's possible that Zac's new look is from his upcoming film The Beach Bum, which also features Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg, and Isla Fisher. If that's the case, many fans are willing to give him a pass. "If it's for a film, I'm okay with it," said one fan, and another agreed writing, "relax it could just be for a movie."

This isn't the first time Zac has shocked fans with a new look. Recently he debuted a beard and a bleached spikey hairdo with lines shaved into his sideburns. Fans hated that look, too, but more because they found it unattractive than culturally offensive. We just want the old Zac back!